Novi, MI

Decks Unlimited is a locally owned deck business that loves serving Novi, Michigan. Neighbors know us for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We specialize in wood decks, composite decks, and patios.

Our Company Process

We offer a service for building decks using Trex products tailored to your preferences and budget. In addition, we provide detailed information on all aspects of the custom deck to help you make an informed decision.

Using only reliable and trusted Trex products during installation allows you to enjoy worry-free outdoor entertainment for up to 50 years! In addition, our services are competitively priced compared to wood decks or other composite decking products in the market, and we don’t charge extra for services that other companies may add on.

As the best installer in Novi, Michigan, we offer top-quality products, valuable knowledge, and services. Call 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED for help with a project. We can help make your dreams come true and work all year round.

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From Custom Deck Design to Building the Perfect Deck

Decks Unlimited starts by creating a personalized deck design that suits your style and budget, following your Novi, MI, home’s architecture. We recommend one of Trexs’ four types of decking, all of which come with a warranty.

Once you take advantage of our design services, we move to the construction phase, where our skilled team ensures that every part of the project is completed efficiently without compromising quality.

At Decks Unlimited, we are committed to delivering excellent customer service during construction. However, we recognize that making such a significant decision can be nerve-wracking, so we strive to provide peace of mind.

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Trex Decks in Novi

If you want to upgrade your outdoor living space, there’s no better choice than Trex composite decking from Decks Unlimited in Novi, Michigan. Our superior quality Trex decking is unbeatable in its strength and durability, guaranteed to stay strong for decades!

In addition, its natural wood grain visuals and virtually zero-maintenance design add beauty and convenience to your outdoor area.

Say goodbye to pest problems, rot, staining, and poor construction – with our Trex decks, your home will be perfectly renovated for years of sun-filled days!

Whatever your vision for the perfect outdoor space may be – stylish patios and pool decks or wide entryways – our experts in Novi are ready to bring it to life. With Decks Unlimited, you never have to sacrifice style or strength; each deck is custom-crafted with only the highest quality Trex decking meaning that whatever design you choose will last a lifetime.

Bring back the beauty of nature while protecting against all elements with our great Trex composite decking!

If you’re in Novi and are interested in Trex Decks, call us now at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED to purchase one for your home.

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Composite Decks

Wouldn’t you like to have beautiful decks all year, with none of the regular maintenance hassles that come with wood? We are the proud supplier of composite decking boards, the perfect combination of wood fibers and plastics.

Our composite boards offer unbeatable durability and a 50-year warranty, so you can rest assured your outdoor space will remain just as wonderful as it was on Day 1.

That’s why our composite decks don’t need power washing or sanding. All composite decks require occasional cleaning, and voila!

What makes our product so reliable? Trex Decks combine wood fibers and plastic films like polypropylene for superior stability and texture in every board. This allows us to guarantee a longer-lasting quality for your decks which always maintains their perfect appearance.

Are you prepared to investigate if a composite deck is a good fit for your Novi home? Call us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED and learn more about what we can do for you!

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Deck Design

If you’re ready to invest in your home and add lasting value, the team at Decks Unlimited can help bring your vision to life. Whether looking for natural wood or composite material, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will work with you to make your dreams for the perfect outdoor space reality.

We strive to create decks that match the style of your home perfectly and are carefully crafted with every detail in mind. Keep this investment from passing you by – when it’s done right, the return on a deck design can be significant!

So make sure yours is the one that stands out from the rest, and leave it up to us here at Decks Unlimited to make it happen with creative flair and experienced insight.

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Is there an app available that can show me a preview of how a deck would appear?

The Trex AR Deck Visualizer app allows you to view several designs of your deck in real time. This is helpful when creating a deck from scratch as it helps you to determine what combinations you prefer, what looks good together, and what complements your home.

If you’re prepared to get your dream deck, call us now at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED, and we’ll begin turning that dream into reality!

Deck Railing Options in Novi, MI

Here at Decks Unlimited in Novi, MI, we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to the perfect railing for their outdoor space. We strive to provide a variety of top-notch styles, materials, and colors so that each customer can achieve their desired design aesthetic on any budget. In addition, our team is passionate about helping you build lasting memories while keeping your family safe.

With our knowledgeable technicians building custom railing solutions and our accessible customer service support, we give you peace of mind knowing that you have selected reliable quality materials and experienced craftsmanship behind every project.

Decks Unlimited has every type of railing you need. Call 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED to find out more railing options. We can help make your outdoor space look great!

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Deck Lighting Options

Decks Unlimited is an outdoor lighting specialist based in Novi, MI. The beauty of a well-constructed deck can be further enhanced with the perfect lighting. That’s why we offer various styles and colors when adding lights for your deck, including low-voltage LED lights or motion-activated floodlights for safety.

Our mission is to help customers enjoy their outdoor space day and night by providing them with beautiful and functional lighting options tailored to their needs. We are the go-to outdoor lighting solutions provider throughout Michigan while continuously improving our range of products through innovation and customer feedback.

Let us help you light up your deck with the perfect lighting! Contact us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED and ask about our deck lighting options.

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Platinum Trex Installer

Whether you are looking to build a deck, get custom-made railings, or add lighting fixtures – we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our experienced team guarantees quality products and services that value our client’s investments.

We strive for excellence by delivering high-end decks installed with precision and great attention to detail. Our mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction by creating incredible outdoor living spaces that last a lifetime.

With our ambition of continuously reviving the appearance of homes in Novi, MI, Certified Platinum Trex Installers is dedicated to achieving its vision – leading from the front as one of the most dependable Trex Decking Installers in town!

We make sure our clients get the best service and products possible. Call 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED today to schedule an appointment with a certified Trex Installer!