Gibraltar, MI

Transform your backyard in the Venice of Michigan with a custom deck! Unlock the possibilities of embodying your ideal outdoor lifestyle here in Gibraltar. With the help of Decks Unlimited and our professional craftsmen – you can now turn your backyard into the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Let us design and build your perfect deck or patio: made from lasting materials, custom-made to fit even any budget. Join us and let today be the start of transforming your backyard dreams into reality – take the first step and book a free consultation now!

Decks Unlimited Durable Trex Decks

Discover the beauty and resilience of Trex composite decking. We’re committed to building high-performance decks engineered to last at Decks Unlimited.

Our innovative materials resist fading, staining, and mildew for years without requiring sanding, painting, or other maintenance. Enjoy natural wood grains and colors like never before with no compromise on durability! 

Get a free quote from Decks Unlimited and discover why hundreds of customers in Michigan have already chosen us. With a deck that can last up to 50 years, you can start enjoying it sooner than you think.

If you need help figuring out where to begin, call us at 1-866-DECKS-UNLIMITED, and we’ll help make your dream deck a reality.

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Transform Your Backyard in Gibraltar!

Give your backyard a stunning makeover!

Ready to unlock the potential of your outdoor space? With our simple yet revolutionary Trex technology, we offer products that are as fun and creative to use as they are durable and reliable. From easy-to-install steel substructures to stylish white fascia that takes any outdoor area up a notch, let us bring your vision for outdoor living to life!

Call 1-866-DECKS-UNLIMITED now to start transforming your home with perfect design.

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Experienced Trex Deck Designers in Gibraltar

Welcome to the world of Trex: the leading composite decking brand that offers premium quality and style at a fraction of the cost. Our low-maintenance deck designs provide excellent performance without sacrificing beauty.

Created with recycled wood and plastic for long-lasting durability, you can trust your outdoor space will look great for years to come! So don’t waste more time: create your perfect outdoor retreat with Trex today!

Call 1-866-DECKS-UNLIMITED today for affordable decking services.

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Durable Trex Composite Decks

Our cutting-edge composite decks are designed to stand up against whatever mother nature might throw at them, and they look great while doing it. From extreme weather protection to resistance to rotting, splitting, and insect attack – our composite decks will stand tall throughout life’s adventures. 

Start making the most of your outdoor area today. To learn if a composite deck suits your home in Wayne County, contact us at 1-866-DECKS UNLIMITED, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Design the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis in Gibraltar

Bring timeless beauty to your outdoor living space with decks designed for Gibraltar homes in Michigan. Our high-performance decking is engineered with unrivaled fade, stain, scratch, and mold resistance, with minimal maintenance required so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces more often. In addition, Trex deckings’ deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colors create a premium, ageless look that leaves other composites in the dust.

Contact 1-866-DECKS UNLIMITED to upgrade your outdoor living space with Trex Deck Design and start enjoying a hassle-free life outdoors.

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Deck Railings For Gibraltar Decks

Introducing new modular railing components. Our uniquely designed Trex railing lines allow you to create the perfect custom railing that’s beautiful and durable. We have every rail, baluster, and post sleeve that you need in various materials, finishes, and colors – allowing you to achieve a genuinely magnificent deck design. 

Stop struggling with traditional wooden or composite railings. Instead, let us help you bolster the wow factor of your outdoor space! Check out our selection today to find the parts perfect for your decking project.

For strong and sturdy deck railing options that can enhance the appearance of your outdoor area, call Decks Unlimited today at 1-866-DECKS UNLIMITED.

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Illuminate Your Deck In Gibraltar

Decks Unlimited offers deck lighting, an ideal way to enhance the mood, light up and add a touch of extravagance to your outdoor living area. Our deck lighting is easy to install and highly energy-efficient, thus providing safety and a soothing ambiance to your next gathering.

Our light connection system ensures hassle-free installation while providing excellent quality and convenience. As a result, you can have stunning deck lighting at reduced costs.

Contact Decks Unlimited in Michigan at 1-866-DECKS UNLIMITED today to make your deck safer and more colorful. Try it now and experience the difference!

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We Are Certified Platinum Trex Installers

We are experts in deck building, specifically using eco-friendly composite materials with a beautiful finish. We are certified as Platinum Trex Installers in Wayne County and use earth-friendly manufacturing processes. Our decks are made with 95% recycled materials.

If you’re interested in the latest outdoor space design, schedule an appointment with a certified Trex Platinum Installer by calling us at 1-866-DECKS-UNLIMITED.