Canton, MI

Decks Unlimited is thrilled to offer the Canton, Michigan community customized deck solutions. For almost two decades, we have been constructing and designing composite decks in Southeast Michigan, valuing customer service, budget-friendly pricing, and dependability, every step of the way.

Our Company Process

Our deck-building business matches customers with the ideal Trex Decking product and designs your custom deck to your exact needs and budget. To guarantee they make the best decision, we provide comprehensive education on every element of a custom Trex deck.

Furthermore, utilizing only dependable and trusted Trex products during your installation allows you to enjoy up to 50 years of warrantied outdoor entertainment without worry or hassle!

Not only do we provide the best products and knowledge, but we also provide many services that other companies add on as an upcharge. All this is available at a competitive cost compared to wood decks or other composite decking products on the market. You cannot find a better installer in Canton, Michigan.

For a smooth and successful project start, contact us at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED, now! We strive to make your dreams into reality and we work 12 months a year!

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From Custom Deck Design to Building the Perfect Deck

At Decks Unlimited, it begins with a custom deck design. When drafting the perfect outdoor living space tailored to your style, we consider your style and budgetadn Canton, Michigan home style – recommending one of Trexs’ four verticals of decking. All of these products come with a warranty!

Once you have taken advantage of our design process, we begin building and constructing the perfect deck for you. Our experienced team ensures that every part of the project is completed promptly without sacrificing quality.

Decks Unlimited is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service throughout the construction process. We understand the importance of having peace of mind when making such an important decision. 97% of our customers give us 5 star reviews on Google and Social Media.

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Trex Decks

Trex composite decking offers unbeatable durability and performance guaranteed to remain strong for decades. With its gorgeous natural wood grain visuals and incomparable low-maintenance design, you can craft a stunning outdoor space without worrying about pests, rot, or stains. Trex composite decking can genuinely give your home a perfect look it deserves!

When you work with Decks Unlimited in Canton, Michigan, we want to ensure your outdoor living space reflects the beauty of what’s inside. We promise that all our decking and railing will withstand time while meeting your home’s unique needs. We strive to bring you high-performance products without any hassle or worry so you can build your perfect sanctuary board by board.

Investing in Trex decking is a wise choice. It outperforms other material options, and it’s designed for lasting beauty, remarkable durability, and hassle-free maintenance. With Trex high-performance composite decking, you can rest assured that there will be no compromises regarding quality!

Ready to delve deeper into Trex Decks? Don’t wait. Call us at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED and get one for your home today.

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Composite Decks

An innovative blend of wood fibers and plastics, composite decking boards are the perfect way to heighten your outdoor decks’ look and durability. Composite decking is ideal for those who need more time or patience to deal with imperfections that naturally come with wood. It’s easy to fasten and cut, just like regular wood. Still, it outperforms it in the long run due to its longer-lasting quality and warranty, an unbeatable 50 year warranty, by eliminating tedious tasks such as power-washing, staining, and sanding.

Composite decking perfectly combines wood fibers and plastic films, like polypropylene or polyethylene. Incorporating these two elements produces a reliable, more secure material than solely using plastics for your decking needs.

This mixture provides enhanced stability and lasting strength so you can have peace of mind knowing your Canton, Michigan Trex Deck and outdoor space will be in top condition for years to come!

Ready to take the following steps in discovering if a composite deck is suitable for your home? Call us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED and learn more about what we can do for you!

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Deck Design

dding a deck to your home is an investment that can significantly increase its value. The cost of materials should be carefully weighed against the overall benefit, as it’s not just about spending money – you’ll also gain lasting value from this addition! Whether you opt for natural wood or composite material, both options have great potential when adding a deck to your residence.

At Decks Unlimited, we take all the necessary steps to craft your dream deck. We have worked with countless clients on their vision of an idealized outdoor oasis and are ready to bring it to fruition– whatever that may look like! Whether you already know what you want, need help envisioning how a deck would fit your home’s style, or desire to recreate something seen elsewhere, our team is here and prepared to make these dreams come true in no time.

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What to expect from a deck builder?

Our team of professionals will provide you with a comprehensive plan for your project and work together to bring it to life within the timeline you need. We are dedicated to bringing all our client’s visions to reality with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else in Canton, Michigan.

Ready for your dream deck? Call us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED, and let’s start making that vision come true!

Deck Railing Options

Your railing and fencing add security, beauty, and value to any outdoor space. Every part of a deck brings something unique to the equation. This includes everything from the boards and posts to the railings, lighting, and more. Railings are a critical aspect of any deck since they can help keep everyone safe while also adding an attractive touch to your outdoor space!

At Decks Unlimited, we offer various railing options tailored to fit your budget and your deck’s aesthetic. We have railings in vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials that match any home’s style. Our team can help you choose various colors and techniques to ensure you have the perfect railing. In canton, Michigan we also offer wood decking as needed or desired, with our focus being on Trex Decking Platinum Installations in Canton, MI. 

No matter what type of railings you need, Decks Unlimited has it all! Contact us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED to learn more about our comprehensive selection of railing options. With our help, your outdoor oasis will be one step closer to completion!

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Deck Lighting Options

The beauty of a well-constructed deck is even more significant when illuminated with the perfect lighting. With the correct type of lights, you can extend your time outdoors after sunset and create an intimate atmosphere for any gathering.

At Decks Unlimited, we offer various lighting options so you can get the desired look, whether subtle or bold. We have several styles and colors to choose from when it comes to adding lighting to your deck. Our team can help you find the ideal spot for installing lights that best fits your needs.

Decks Unlimited covers all your outdoor lighting needs, whether you’re looking for low-voltage LED lights or motion-activated floodlights for safety. Contact us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED  to learn more about our selection of lighting options. With our help, you’ll be able to create the perfect outdoor space for any occasion!

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Platinum Trex Installer

A Trex deck is an investment in your home – and in your weekends. So finding the right partner to get what you want can make all the difference. Like all TrexPro Platinum builders, we have been acknowledged for our outstanding achievements and boast the know-how to construct remarkable outdoor living spaces. We are one of the most established Trex Decking Installers in Canton, MI.

When it comes to designing and installing your Trex composite deck, Decks Unlimited is the go-to choice. We offer services tailored specifically to your needs, from custom designs and installation of handrails and lighting fixtures to complete outdoor living spaces. Call us today at 1 866 DECKS UNLIMITED to discuss your project.